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The first word that springs to mind for GammaCon 2014 is professionalism. GammaCon was a well organised, and run, single day anime fan convention in Canberra yesterday, and this made it a very easy con to enjoy. I’m certainly looking forward to next year.

The Hellenic Club worked well as a venue, the tech support for the panels was good, the screening room looked to be well set up, the dealers’ room had a wide range of stalls.

About the only suggestion I’d make is to maybe install some fixed microphones on the live stage for the Costume/Cosplay Contest. Those contestants who performed skits had to either juggle hand held microphones with their act or simply not be heard.

My own modest contribution was the first panel of the day at 9:30AM on anime that is Better Than They Have Any Right To Be. I had an audience of about 20, and the panel ran fairly smoothly.

Too smoothly, actually.

I ran out of my prepared material (Better than etc) early, but managed to get a reasonable amount of audience interaction and discussion happening. A number of additional titles were mentioned this way including (but not limited to) Chihayafuru, Another, BTOOOM!, Deadman Wonderland, Panty Stocking and Garterbelt, and Yamada’s First Time.

Despite the suggestions I still have no interest in the latter two titles. 🙂

Overall I enjoyed GammaCon yesterday, and I’m looking forward to contributing another panel or two next year.

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