I’m going to be doing a Better Than They Have Any Right To Be panel at GammaCon 2014 on the 24th of May, and this is a call for interested co-panellists to join me.

The basic blurb is as follows:

Some anime series should just not work. On paper everything about them make it clear they should be an absolute disaster. But somehow they manage to rise above their premise and become something truly spectacular. This panel will look at some examples of anime that have managed to do this and discuss how they managed to do so.

The basic approach I’m suggesting is that each panellist in turn will:

  1. Introduce a title with a flawed premise
  2. Discuss why the premise is flawed
  3. Discuss why the series or show works anyway
  4. Invite comments from the other panellists on that show.

Move on to the next panellist, rinse and repeat.

So if you’re interested in joining me on the panel, leave a comment or reply to me on twitter when this post gets published.

For the record I’ll be starting with Girls Und Panzer because, hey, high school students in tanks with live ammo in range of school buildings is not a premise that should work.

Ever. 🙂