Ah. So that’s where all the fanservice went.

For all that I adore Girls Und Panzer, for all that I buy a lot of anime, I’m not enough of a completist to want the OAVs in my collection.

There are only occasional moments in these six short episodes that add to the series, much of the rest is inappropriate fanservice or jokes that largely fell flat for me.

Seeing just how Crazy Prepared Yukari was during the reconnaissance against Pravda was amusing. The implication that Oarai went camping at the Fuji training grounds before the match against Kuromorimine adds some depth to Miho’s advance planning.

But other than that?

These are not, in my opinion, worth buying separately and Hanabee really should have bundled them with the main series. Although, to be fair, this was probably Sentai Filmworks fault.

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