In which the party clears one forest of dark fey, only to receive a “gotta fix ‘em all” mission from the other fey. Plot coupons ahoy!

Finishing up at the Halfway House

The party spent the night at the halfway house, but maintained the usual watches. The doll artifact mentioned last time is more of a root/twig/branch affair – it looks like it was grown and the face magically carved into it. The doll introduces itself as Natura, and was created by a circle of fey long lost to legend.

Yangrit’s knowledge of history dates Natura to at least 5,000 years old. Certainly Natura is discussing civilisations that have long fallen.

Before leaving the halfway house the party fills in the tunnel used by the imps, cleans the place, and basically sets it up so that the hunters of Sirith can use it again.

First mission objective accomplished.

As the party heads southwest the gold homunculus is flying overhead [1].

The Blighted Forest

The party entered a dark, dank, blighted forest, and followed the only path not completely overgrown. At one point Natura wanted to head to the left, but suggested that the party wanted to head to the right.

Following the path to the right led to an encounter with an as-yet-unnamed pixie. This pixie was sent to guard the forest, and isn’t very happy right now. She offers “shinies” if the party can clear away the dark fey responsible for the blight.

Well, that’s convenient.

Natura confirms that the forest is not meant to be this dark, and thinks that the opponents are probably a small number of twigjacks and mandragora.

Meanwhile the pixie is sitting on Ferus’ shoulder treating his tail like a cat toy [2]. Those two are well suited to each other.

Heading back to where the dark fey are likely to be hiding brings an encounter with a pair of twigjacks and two mandragoras. The mandragora’s ability to nauseate disabled [3] a couple of characters, but despite that the fight ran reasonably smoothly.

One of the twigjacks fled the scene to report to a homunculus of the Big Bad. The pixie is aware of 4 homonculi – a gold, a red, a silver, and a medium sized black [4].

One amusing element of this was Ferus allowing the pixie to deliver a coup de grace to one of the mandragoras. The pixie is very pleased by this and now believes herself to have earned the name Victa.

Given that Victa then led the party to a small pile of gems, gold, and 5 magic rings, no one felt like arguing the point. The rings were a Ring of the Grasping Grave, Ring of Jumping, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Ferocious Action, and a Ring of Maniacal Devices.

Plus an Arrow Magnet Cube for Ferus because Victa likes his tail. 🙂

The Faery Circle

The next thing to do was to hunt down the remaining twigjack, and restore the faery circle that had been corrupted within the forest. On arriving the party is taunted by the black homunculus about Saella’s fall from paladinhood.

Oh, apparently this homunculus has adamantine teeth. Not something the party wants to tangle with in the short term if it can be avoided.

The remaining twigjack appeared and was promptly dispatched by a mighty hit from Yangrit. In the meantime Victa restored the faery circle, and handed a runestone to Menander. The stone is marked with runes of protection and connection, and enable Victa to jump between circles.

These can apparently be copied to restore or create the other faery circles within the surviving realm [5].

As the forest begins to restore itself, visibly lightening even as the party walks out to meet the hunters, the homunculus taunts the party further and invites it to change sides.

Treffen converses mentally with Natura and the homunculus, discovering that the Big Bad is also an Eldritch Godling, possibly descended from Asmodeus. Or, in other words, it gets worse [6].


Upon returning to Sirith the party discovers that a new Guardian, a low ranked paladin, has been assigned and is clearly out of his depth. The current plans for the party are to re-equip [7], then head off to rescue Saella.


I’m really enjoying this game, the party is shaking down into a solid unit, and Caitlin is telling an interesting story.

The Mythic additions are both more effective, and more challenging to use, than I’d expected. I’m glad that the party didn’t level or tier up this time, having at least one more session to get a grip on Menander as he currently stands is going to be useful.

The combats can probably be made a little tougher as I don’t recall any serious amounts of hit point loss this session. I would like to see a real challenge at some point that forces the party to dig deep into its abilities, there’s now a lot of abilities to dig deep into.

I’m looking forward to the next session.

[1] Spotting these homunculi is a real pain. There may well be Mythic Alertness in Menander’s future. “Menander takes 20…”

[2] There’s a certain poetic justice to a catfolk having his tail treated like a cat toy. You know you were thinking it.

[3]The mandragora’s shriek put a couple of characters (including Menander) out of action for four rounds. Fortunately enough characters saved to make it manageable.

[4] I seem to recall mention of a fifth homunculus, but there haven’t been any sightings yet to confirm that.

[5] So, in essence, wandering around the realm restoring faery circles is probably a good idea for the party to be pursuing. Gotta fix ‘em all!

[6] I expect to see a lot of this trope as the campaign wears on.