It is no secret that I’m a big fan of Girls Und Panzer [1] so I’ll skip to the chase: How good is the local release on Blu-Ray?

As it happens the answer to that is “very good” and I’ll be buying my own copy [2] as soon as possible.

The quality is what you’d expect from blu-ray, and having textless versions of most of the end credit variations was very nice to see [3]. About the only improvement I’d make to evolving credits is to make the versions menu selectable, and I seem to recall the local Usagi Drop DVD release did that.

The copyright silliness over that insert song in episode 8 We’re Fighting Pravda is still here. Most of the footage is there, but an instrumental track has been substituted instead. I only wish we could have had this with a decent subtitle:

The only other complaint is the disc/menu art which is best described as “oh dear”.

I didn’t try out the dub, so you’ll have to take your own chances with that.

Overall I’m very pleased with the quality of this release, and SOON IT WILL BE MINE! BWAHAHAHA!

[2] As usual see the Site Disclaimer for the treatment of review copies. If you ask very nicely I might include it in the April Anime for Cancer list. The March list will be out on Monday.

[3] I’m sure that the Leopon team got an ED of their own on CrunchyRoll, but I don’t remember seeing it in this release.

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