I posted Caitlin’s campaign background yesterday, so here’s the background and starting character sheet for my character Menander (PDF).

NB: this is not final, Caitlin may require changes to better fit with her plotlines. That said, I hope I’ve fitted this neatly into the tone of the background.

Raised For War

The elves of Karinith have assumed much of the burden of defending what remains of the land. This has extended to a greater willingness to share their blood with the more fertile humans: more children means more troops.

It also means that there are half elves with highly mixed ancestries running about, and none can really say what will manifest as they grow into their powers.

Among the growing number of these half-elven children, Menander quickly drew the attention of his trainers. At a young age he organised a group of cadets to fight off a surprise attack on the convoy bringing them from Rix to Karinith for training.

This fight inevitably resulted in casualties but a mage named Marielle healed many with no more than knives, bandages, and incredible precision. Marielle drafted Menander as her assistant for this work, and taught Menander the same approach to purely mundane healing.

This natural display of leadership, and protective instincts, has marked Menander for great things. It is only natural that the Order of the Shield would recruit Menander as a standard bearer for the infantry forces that defend the common folk, many great officers have arisen from such training.

If they survive, and Menander’s first major assignment to the town of Sirith is likely to be a major test of his abilities.

The Game Mechanics

Menander is a half-elven Cavalier with the Standard Bearer Archetype. Much of the character sheet is explained by the background given above – the Cavalier order, the Skill Focus (Heal), the traits of Natural Born Leader & Precise Treatment.

As for where Menander will be heading in future levels? The current plan is to alternate Bard & Cavalier until Menander qualifies as a Battle Herald.

The comment about “mixed ancestries” will manifest in game through the Eldritch Heritage (Celestial) feat, and a possible entry into the Dragon Disciple prestige class. Most half-elves start with a bonus Skill Focus feat, and this is the pre-requisite for Eldritch Heritage (the available bloodline depends on the school).

In terms of party role Menander will be the “talky” character with secondary roles in melee, ranged, buffing the party, and healing. The buffing may become his primary role as the Bard & Battle Herald abilities kick in.

Some of these details are subject to change – the teamwork feat needs to be discussed with the group as there may be better choices for the team out there.

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