I enjoyed Say “I Love You” a lot [1], when it streamed on CrunchyRoll. I’m glad to see it get a local release on DVD [2].

Overall this is a solid release with clean opening and closing credits, the Japanese Blu-ray extras (a rather charming set of shorts featuring Mei and her cat), and some trailers as the extras.

There is apparently [3] an OAV that was released last year that isn’t in this collection, but that’s not a concern since I didn’t even know that it existed until writing this review.

Overall this is a solid release, and I’ll be picking up my own copy shortly [4].

Recommended (but you knew that already if you’ve read my previous reviews).


[1] Well, apart from the awful final episode which is best seen by skipping to the end credits for the good bits.

[2] I would have preferred a blu-ray, but the DVD is fine.

[3] According to the Wikipedia episode list.

[4] You can expect that this will come up in a cancer research auction sometime this year. But not this month. I already know what’s coming up this month. Bwahahaha!

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