This however is the local DVD release from www.hanabee.com.au

This however is the local DVD release from http://www.hanabee.com.au

I was really looking forward to the Sentai Filmworks Blu-Rays [1] of AKB0048. I thought that AKB0048 was a vibrant, eye-catching show that would just be fabulous to look at in high definition quality [2].

That much of the Sentai Filmworks release is exactly what I was expecting. The few episodes I sampled tonight look absolutely stunning, with many more details visible in the backgrounds and those vibrant characters look better than ever.

There’s only one problem.

Correction: There’s only one GIGANTIC, COLOSSAL, problem.

The only songs to have been subtitled are the ones that CrunchyRoll didn’t subtitle: the opening and closing credits. That’s nice to have but…

In far too many episodes of AKB0048, if not most of the episodes, the insert song lyrics are essential to the mood of the moment. The lyrics directly support the on screen action, and not having them there is a major failing of this release.

Visual quality be damned, I’m more likely to rewatch AKB0048 on CrunchyRoll than I am to watch these discs.

At least CrunchyRoll subtitled all of the important bits.

[1] I ordered the blu-rays from the US because the local release will be DVD only, and AKB0048 is far too pretty to settle for DVDs. I haven’t picked up the local release of Chihayafuru for the same reason.

[2] Much as I love CrunchyRoll, it is limited to all the quality my internet connection will bear. In other words: Standard Definition is all I’m going to get when I play buffering roulette.

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