I don’t (and won’t) normally do monthly review posts. However January was my best month ever (eclipsing November 2012 when I got mildly Scalzi’d) so I thought I’d take a look at the posts that made that happen:

  1. The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan
  2. Nagi no Asukara Part 1 (2013) with many, many spoilers
  3. Anime for Cancer Research, with thanks to @hanabeeofficial
  4. Hamatora (2014) Will Make Your Eyes Bleed
  5. (Tie) Tonari no Seki-Kun: The Master of Killing Time (2014): First and Probably Only Thoughts
  6. (Tie) Say “I Love You” (2012): Final Thoughts with Spoilers

The biggest surprise is that most of these were actually posted in January. The exceptions are The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan (February 2013) and Say “I Love You” (December 2012).

The other surprise was Bodacious Space Pirates (2012): (hopefully not) Final Thoughts failing to be to even close to making the list.

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