This post contains major spoilers for The Whispers of the Faraway Waves [1]. Spoiler sensitive readers should go watch that episode before reading this post.

I’ll wait here whilst you do that.

Now that you’ve seen The Whispers of the Faraway Waves you will have seen this happen to Miuna:

Uroko-Sama at work...

Uroko-Sama at work…

This is the scene where Miuna suddenly acquires ena, and starts breathing underwater [2].

I’ve seen some commentary about this not being justified within the Nagi no Asukara universe, and I’d like to express a counter argument.

That this was fully established within the universe as far back as In Between the Sea and the Land [3].

That was the episode that established that Uroko-Sama had very real powers to curse people, and that those curses had real effects in the world.

Of course, Uroko-sama’s powers were sharply limited at the time due to the Sea God being weak and mostly slumbering. Elements of this came up in discussions during the lead up to the Ofunehiki.

Then Unreachable Fingertips [4] happens, and the Sea God reacts.

This may have been an instinctive, unconscious, reaction initially but also one that caused the Sea God to start slowly recovering its powers and to start awakening.

This was no doubt helped along by Oshiooshi playing the Ofunehiki music every night at 5PM for 5 years [5].

Although this was intended purely as an act of friendship towards Shioshishio, the surface dwellers have essentially been praying to the Sea God for five years.

Can anyone think of a reason that the Sea God would be more impressed by than pure friendship towards Shioshishio? If you can, please leave a comment because I’m not seeing one.

Miuna has to be considered one of the faithful in this situation, and is also descended from Shioshishio.

At that point, and especially given that the scene starts to the left of Miuna and moves across her, this isn’t an unexplained Deus ex Machina of the Sea God.

This particular Deus ex Machina is the Chekhov’s Gun of Uroko-Sama’s meddling being fired.

For me the only remaining questions are how many bullets does Uroko-sama have left in that particular gun?

And who will get tagged by them?

[1] Episode 16 of Nagi no Asukara

[2] Much of Shioshishio also suddenly becomes green and full of light, but I haven’t seen any commentary on that yet. Arguably that’s actually the more important event of the episode.

[3] Episode 1.

[4] Episode 13

[5] Episode 15 The Protector of Smiles – the scene where Chisaki meets Hikari at the loudspeakers.

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