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I bought the Nederlands map set expansion to Ticket to Ride at Cancon 2014 yesterday. I just took a quick look at it, and tweeted my thoughts:

You will start with a supply of bridge toll tokens. Money essentially.

To place track on a route you will need to pay the listed amount in addition to having the right combination of cards. This will either be to the bank (single routes, or previously unclaimed doubles) or to the player that claimed the first route in double.

If you can’t pay, you can still place the track but will have to take a loan card instead (worth -5 victory points at the end of the game).

Did I mention that taking even one loan card (that you can’t pay back BTY) disqualifies you from the end of game bonus points for having the most toll tokens?

Bonuses that go as high as 55 points in a 5 player game?

I’m looking forward to playing this at some point, but I expect it to get nasty, and the hoarding cards approach will simply not work.

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