Courtesy of CrunchyRoll comes the first trailer, as well as a look at the character designs for the Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace.

I am really looking forward to this since it is definitely a sequel, and this is reflected in the character designs (including Marika’s snazzy new red outfit).

To quote the linked article:  This time, Asami Shimoda (IdolM@ster’s Ami and Mami Futami) gets second billing as the mysterious boy Kanata Mugen (Beyond Infinity).

“Beyond Infinity”? Really? I know that anime has a thing for meaningful names (Miuna from Nagi no Asukara stands for “Beautiful Ocean”), but isn’t this overdoing it a bit?

Here’s hoping that CrunchyRoll manage to lay hands on this. Failing that, I’m sure someone will license it sooner or later.