VolleyBall Team

The Volley Ball Team in the Episode 4 end credits.

I’ve been rewatching Girls Und Panzer over the last couple of days because it is light viewing that fits my mood and is still available on Crunchyroll.

Along the way I’ve been tweeting about how awesome the Volleyball Club aka the Duck Team are. So here’s what I had to say:

(This is pretty much a running gag)

The fact that they were given the craptacular alleged car Type 89 I-Go is actually one of the cleverest pieces of scripting in Girls Und Panzer; it provides a secondary team to cheer for whilst leaving Miho’s team as the undisputed champions of Ooarai.

Sometimes it’s the little details like that this that make a show great.

PS: The related article below on Pedantic Perspective was a partial inspiration for this set of tweets. It is definitely worth reading so make with the clicky already. 🙂