Today I watched Riding Bean with friends to test the long overdue repairs to the Laser Disc player [1]. Even with the limits of the technology [2], there is still a lot to like about Riding Bean.

Kenichi Sonoda’s character designs still feel fresh, and the setting for Riding Bean feels like Chicago, if perhaps lacking the detailed accuracy of Gunsmith Cats.

Laser Discs were limited to about 60 minutes a side, and this sometimes forced tight plotting, and at 42 minutes Riding Bean is a classic of the form.

There are few wasted details in Riding Bean; nearly every scene is relevant and tightly edited to fit the available time [3].

Even after all these years Riding Bean remains a fast, fun, and short, OAV that is still worth watching. I may have to see if I can find a remastered copy on Blu-Ray one of these days.


[1] I’ve been an anime fan for a long time. I still have a working VCR as well. 🙂

[2] The colour was flickering a lot during the viewing. I’m using the RCA connections for the moment until I can properly assess what digital/optical outputs from the LD player have matching inputs on the receiver.

[3] The only major exception being the sequence of Rally getting dressed. Then again it includes at least two weapons, both of which get used, so it is possible even this is justified. Maybe. I’m still calling gratuitous fanservice on this one though.