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Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A relatively recent set of Nozomi Entertainment remasters was the original Dirty Pair TV series, OAVs, and features. I picked up the features with a view to including one in the Twenty Days of Anime Movies series but there really isn’t enough substance to these pieces to justify it.

Affair of Nolandia (1985)

Compared to the later two Affair of Nolandia is a mixed bag. It probably has the best concepts in terms of science fiction, and the best individual scenes for Kei [1] and Yuri [2] as well as some good teamwork. This puts it way ahead of Project Eden conceptually, and slightly ahead of Flight 005 Conspiracy in terms of characterisation.

On the other hand the overall story is lacking in some respect, and this leaves Affair of Nolandia way behind Flight 005 Conspiracy in the final analysis.

Good but not great overall.

Project Eden (1986)

Best summed up as “oh dear”.

Time has not been kind to Project Eden, and it is almost a self-parody of the Dirty Pair franchise.

A very bad self-parody.

The Dirty Pair always worked best when they were at least trying to be serious agents, and the collateral damage was really not their fault.

Project Eden basically depends on the Idiot Ball and The Plot Said So throughout, particularly to justify the gratuitous [3] fanservice.

I spent most of the time watching this looking at the clock, which is not a good sign.

Flight 005 Conspiracy (1990)

Flight 005 Conspiracy is an example of Dirty Pair at its best: the ladies are seriously trying to solve a nasty problem, and the bad stuff that happens along the way really isn’t their fault [4].

The story is well paced, and balances the dramatic moments with the running gags that fans would expect. This is simply a lot of fun to watch.


I rate the Dirty Pair features in the following order: Flight 005 Conspiracy, Affair of Nolandia, and Project Eden a distant third.

Overall I’m glad to have this set of discs in my collection, but Flight 005 Conspiracy is the real prize in the set.

[1] Kei’s running battle with the cyborg is well handled.

[2] Yuri gets what is still an inventive and entertaining chase sequence.

[3] Even by the (loose) standards of the Dirty Pair, that bath sequence is purely gratuitous not to mention the outfits they end up almost wearing for most of the movie. Mind you the guy ends up in polka dotted boxers so there is a degree of equal opportunity humiliation happening here.

[4] Well mostly not their fault, and they do feel remorse over the bits that are.