I just finished the 2nd training cycle at Body to Burn and despite some injuries I’m very pleased with the results.

I picked up a couple of muscle strains/minor injuries during the cycle that prevented me from doing the kinetic component of the assessment.

The first injury was a groin pull that flared up under a 75% bodyweight back squat. That’s slowly coming good, and tonight was the first session in weeks where the stationary recumbent wasn’t painful.

The second injury is in the chest (the pectoral muscles) brought on by jerking whilst trying to get up onto the gymnastic rings to hold with straight arms. I haven’t recovered from that yet, and I tend towards muscle pains at odd times as a result.

This limited the assessment to weights and measurements. The key result being that I dropped another 2Kgs.

It is worth noting at this point that the best weight I have proof of being is about 82Kgs in 1998.

So I’m very satisfied with 83.4Kgs, and if the next cycle can get me below 82Kgs I’ll be ecstatic.

Especially since the next cycle will have an enforced break over Christmas when I fly to Perth. I will try to keep active(ish) in Perth even if all I do is take long walks.

Injuries are part and parcel of high intensity training, and the trainers have been very good about working around the problem. I’ll avoid heavy weight work prior to Christmas in favour of more cardio fitness work.

Overall I’m very happy with this result, but as soon as I get my next contract? I’m buying pants that FIT and a SHORTER BELT! 🙂