Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods is a lightweight series that can be quite charming to watch, and occasionally very funny.

The Premise

The premise for Gingitsune is that traditional shrines will have heralds to act as the go-betweens between the gods and humanity. The heralds are spirits that can only be interacted with by hereditary successors to a shrine. However a true successor to one shrine can interact with the heralds for all shrines.

The ability to see a herald is inherited when the previous successor dies. For Makoto Saeki this happened when her mother died when she was four.

The creation of the heralds is interesting; it appears that the heralds are the spirits of dead animals that received an act of kindness from the priests/priestesses at their shrine. This act of kindness, or an echo of it, then becomes intrinsic to the herald in some way [1].

I suspect that this is why only the hereditary successors can interact with the heralds; their bloodline carries the memory of that kindness. Unsurprisingly this is showing up in the core of Makoto’s characterisation, and I expect it to become more obvious with Satoru as the series progresses.

The Story

Apart from the heralds, and Gintaro’s limited ability at divination, this is essentially a high school slice of life tackling cliques, bullying, and the obligatory transfer student in a fairly light hearted manner. There are elements of parental abandonment [2], but again this hasn’t been too angsty so far [3].

Epsiode 6 Do I Look Good? is genuinely funny with a gentle heart, and is probably the best episode to date.

There is a possibility [4] of more serious material later, but overall I’m not expecting this to dominate the remaining episodes.

The Interim Verdict

Gingitsune is a fun show to watch but, like the other fall 2013 shows that I’m watching, isn’t likely to be a particularly great or memorable one in the longer term. It is definitely worth the time I’m spending on it now, and I do recommend Gingitsune as at least a “watch once”.

Here’s the opening credits which catch the spirit of the show quite well:

And since I quite like song, here’s the full PV for fhana’s tiny lamp:

[1] This is particularly the case for the adorable Haru-Chan, especially the [SPOILER].

[2] This is a necessary consequence of the premise. For Makoto and Satoru to be able to interact with the heralds they have to have lost their parents/grandparents that were in the direct line.

[3] OK, there’s been some angst with Satoru, but he’s clearly not going to be allowed to stay that way. 🙂

[4] There have been mentions of Gintaro’s missing partner Kinjiro who abandoned the Saeki Shrine that might be foreshadowing. Or they might not.