I’m currently halfway through my second training cycle at Body to Burn, and the mid cycle assessment was on Thursday night.

Overall I’m continuing to make good progress.

The 1 Km row is still sitting at 3:55.something (I shaved 0.2 of a second off it), but that’s:

  • A fairly good mark to be at anyway; and
  • Running into some personal biomechanical limits that will take time to work around.

In essence there’s a cadence of about 31-34 strokes per minute at which I can keep my breathing synchronised with the rowing, and I need to be at about 36-39 to really take more time off. I can sustain that for about the last minute and a half, but not for much longer than that.

The other exercises showed about a 5-10% improvement in terms of flexibility, isometric squats, the plank, push-ups, squats, and flexibility. We re-baselined the sit ups to make sure that all the reps will cover a full range of motion, but the 25 or so I managed in the minute was still quite satisfying.

Blood pressure  (~120/70) and resting pulse (~50) are right where the trainer wants them to be, which was nice.

The girth measurements are starting to increase, particularly on the arms, as muscle replaces the fat that was there.

Despite the visibly increased muscle mass (it really is visible when I flex my arms), I dropped another 3 Kg s of my weight. So I’m about 12 kg s down from when I started, and my knees are much happier as a result.

My diet still isn’t perfect (and I may have strayed off the path in the last week), but I’m continuing to cook regularly. Overall I’m hoping to lose another couple of kilograms in the next six weeks.

My instinct is to prefer having a single trainer who can keep a closer eye on progress and whether or not I’m stagnating, but these results show that having three trainers hasn’t been doing me any harm.

Once again I’m quite pleased by these results, and I’m looking forward to the next set.