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product-hb0041As I mentioned earlier today Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine contains a lot of animated nudity, including pretty much the entire opening credits.

I note that I didn’t complain about gratuitous fanservice anywhere in the review. Mainly because the nudity is neither gratuitous nor is it fanservice.

There are two important points here:

  • This is a show for an adult audience featuring a fully fledged femme fatale; and
  • Rather than being gratuitous the nudity is an intrinsic part of the character and a hint to past trauma.

This leads to the nudity being an essential part of the story; the series wouldn’t be The Woman Called Fujiko Mine without it (emphasis added).

Once again this speaks well to the skills of director Sayo Yamamoto (who is the first woman to direct an instalment of the Lupin the Third franchise).