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With 009 Re: Cyborg I was hoping for a reboot that would be readily accessible to new viewers, and I have to say that my hopes weren’t met.

I personally found this film to be, well, average.

009 Re: Cyborg has great visuals, but is only available in 3D (which I loathe with a fiery passion).

I will admit that the 3D was not as headache inducing as usual, but still made keeping focus on the film harder.

009 Re: Cyborg has great action sequences, but a plot I liked better when it was Patlabor: The Movie.

009 Re: Cyborg has good interactions between characters that I couldn’t know well enough to care about.

Basically for every plus I can point to with 009 Re: Cyborg, there is a balancing negative leaving me with little to say in either direction.

I suspect that fans of the franchise will like this a lot, and I wish them enjoyment of it. This may not be a film for people new to the Cyborg 009 franchise.