This morning I started noticing a few hits coming from an anime blog called Cry More. The author Dark_Sage has put together a comprehensive list of anime blogs, and no doubt went to a lot of effort to do so.

This is commendable, what isn’t as commendable are Dark_Sage’s attempts to be clever when describing the blogs on the list.

NB: I’m using screenshots rather than links here.

I’ll start with “Shitty episodic reviews”. I can understand not being particularly fond of this style of anime blogging, but that doesn’t mean that every blog that does this is automatically “shitty”. This is unnecessary rudeness at best.

Episodic Reviews

Next up is describing Beneath the Tangles (and several others) as “Christian Propaganda”. Now I’m (at most) agnostic, and sometimes I do skim lightly over what is written on Beneath the Tangles, but there’s no doubt that the beliefs held there are genuine. Once again this is purely rude.

Beneath the Tangles

Then we have a couple of sites described as “anime reviews for old people”. I don’t know how Pirates of the Burley Griffin dodged that one given that I’ve been an anime fan for over twenty years now, but I’m sure Dark_Sage will correct that absence of rudeness shortly.

Old People

Then there’s this utterly sexist slur on Gagging on Sexism:

Gagging on Sexism

I commented about this but limited myself to calling the descriptions harsh.

To which the response was, charitably, an attempt to be clever.

My Response

There are two points that need to be made here. The first was admirably stated by General David Morrison in the video below: “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

I do not accept the standard set by Dark_Sage.

The second point is one made by John Scalzi that: The failure mode of clever is “asshole”.

I don’t see Dark_Sage’s comment that “it would be immoral to propagate your PC privilege” (or the other response) as clever, I see it as being an asshole.

As soon as this post goes up I will be replying with a request to be removed from the list.

I do not want to be associated with this sort of behaviour.