Cover sourced from www.madman.com.au

Cover sourced from http://www.madman.com.au

Waiting in the Summer (aka Ano Natsu de Matteru) is an engaging teen romance centred around the cast making an amateur film in their summer holidays.

The female lead Ichika Takatsuki is an alien [1] whose ship crash lands [2] on the male lead Kaito Kirishima [3].

Waiting in the Summer is a pretty lightweight show that doesn’t take itself too seriously nor does it overstay its welcome at 12 episodes.

The film making provides a nice justification for the characters to spend so much time closely interacting in ways that bring out all sorts of hidden truths. At one point I tweeted that the love dodecahedron tropes were a bit clichéd. However @ryorin responded with:

This is fair enough, essentially character A likes B who likes C who likes D who likes E, with F observing and being highly amused by the whole thing. I won’t tell you which is which, you should be able to work it out fairly quickly when you watch it.

There are some issues with fanservice, and also some dodgy gender roles, but these were never serious enough to throw me out of the story. The gender roles aren’t helped by the mostly female cast with not enough love interests to go around.

Elements of the final episodes are purely silly, but again added to the charm.

Waiting in the Summer also has a relatively slow start, it took me about 4-5 episodes to really engage with the characters. From that point on I was hooked enough to keep watching, and just enjoyed the ride.

Finally the local release DVDs are pretty minimal with no dub (which doesn’t bother me), no subtitles for the opening (which does), and no extras beyond a textless opening and closing. Speaking of the opening:

Good, but not great, Waiting in the Summer is a fun series that’s worth at least one look.

[1] Ichika is revealed to be an alien before the opening credits run for the first time, so this isn’t a big spoiler.

[2] This makes for a fairly extreme version of the First Girl Wins trope. 🙂

[3] He gets better, although Ichika needs to stick around for a bit to make sure of that.