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For my own amusement (again), here are the top 5 posts for the 2nd quarter of 2013:

  1. Bodacious Space Pirates (2012): (hopefully not) Final Thoughts
  2. The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan
  3. Say “I Love You” (2012): Final Thoughts with Spoilers
  4. Dvořák’s 9th and Shin Sekai Yori
  5. Say “I Love You” (2012): First Thoughts With Spoilers

Ah the internet where the hope for a second season of Bodacious Space Pirates springs eternal. This was in the same position last quarter.

I’m at a bit of a loss as to why the Idol Culture post has suddenly spiked in popularity.

The sudden rise of the Say “I Love You” reviews is also a bit of a surprise, I didn’t think that the internet had quite that much love for this show (although it is worth watching, despite a problematic trope in the first episode and a lousy final episode).

The throwaway Shin Sekai Yori post is another steady performer and has only dropped one place since the last quarter. I really need to finish watching this series at some point.

There were a couple of surprises just off the list – Girls Und Panzer didn’t make it and the 2nd remastered Nadia: Secret of Blue Water post made a late charge but fell just short.