This… this… thing will apparently be a visual novel adaptation about a high school that features jousting as the sport of choice.

I grant that anime with stranger premises have worked well [1], and also that I’ve been wrong before about identifying anime as titles that I should avoid [2].

However in the case of Walkure Romanze [3] I think that I’m fairly safe recommending fleeing screaming as the wise choice.

As the only choice.


First read this link from Tor.com (and the source articles it references).

I’ll wait here whilst you familiarise yourself with how insanely stupid “boob plate” armour is.

Now look at one of the character designs I sourced from CrunchyRoll:


And there’s the Boob Plate of DOOOOOM!

No. No. A thousand times No!

And then, once you’ve gotten past the armour that will kill her, you might notice that the character is wearing a school uniform skirt to joust in.

I mean, who needs riding pants or lower body armour? It’s not like jousting on horses is dangerous or anything…

But wait! There’s still more epic FAIL to come! Send no money, we’ll bill you!

This is apparently an adaptation of an eroge visual novel.

So, even allowing for the probably Bleached Underpants,  it is all too likely to be a harem anime filled with fanservice. In fact I suspect that the only actual jousting will be an excuse to justify fanservice when injuries happen.

To paraphrase Monty Python, Walkure Romanze is not an anime for watching. This is an anime for laying down and avoiding.

[1] Exhibit A: AKB0048 and Exhibit B: Girls Und Panzer

[2] Exhibit A: AKB0048 and Exhibit B: Girls Und Panzer

[3] I suspect that “Walkure” is probably supposed to be “Valkryie” given the vagaries of romanisation from Japanese.