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The panel ran very successfully last night, and I believe that everyone, audience and panellists alike, had fun and learned stuff about titles we hadn’t considered previously.

It was actually fortunate that we had the 10PM slot as it meant we could run overtime without disrupting any other panels. This is just as well since the audience wanted to stick around.

For reference, here’s the largish slideshow that lists the shows we discussed in order:

Better than they have any right to be v2.0

If you’re interested in what was said about any of these, leave a comment and I’ll try to remember the discussion.

Personally, I’m now interested in giving most of these a try at some point.

I’d like to thank Elaine, Aidan, N.K. Jemisin, and Brendan for making this such a successful panel, and for putting up with my moderation. 🙂