I’m currently in Melbourne for Continuum 9: Contraindicators and looking forward to my Better Than They Have Any Right To Be panel late on Sunday night. 

Each panellist (there are 5 this time, including the GOH N.K. Jemisin which I’m stoked by) has picked 3 titles to discuss. I’m pleased by the fact that I haven’t seen the first three to be discussed – this means I get to learn something too. 🙂

I have a powerpoint with all of the shows picked, and the general running order, that I hope to post that here on Monday morning. We won’t get through all of them, but just the list itself should be interesting.

Tonight I’ll be helping to present the Chronos Awards, and I’ll even dress up a bit for it. One novelty this year is not knowing who the winners are in advance, so I’ll probably be the last one to post a list of winners.

The only negative is that I packed in a hurry this morning, and managed to leave the review copies that I was going to be auctioning off at home in Canberra. DOH!