I am currently living too close to work to really get a lot of benefit from riding so I’ve been walking instead. This hasn’t been enough to keep me in anything vaguely resembling good shape, and my admittedly atrocious diet hasn’t helped [1].

About the only good news, such as it is and such as there is of it, is that I’m still on the right side of 100Kg.


As I’m only about 172cm, this is still WAY too much for me to be weighing in at.

My cardio fitness is also way down, so I wouldn’t get any benefit or really appreciate another cycle tour as I’d spend too much time in the bus.

In the last week or so I’ve started doing something about this: I’ve started a personal training course at Body to Burn on the recommendation of a friend at work. So far the training has been good, and I’m already starting to recover from the workouts faster.

The other major change is asking some of the housemates to teach me to cook.

I did sort of [2] cook once upon a time, but a period in the early noughties of commuting fortnightly [3] from Melbourne to Adelaide and Canberra destroyed what habits I had in that space.

Hopefully I’ll start learning new habits, as well as how to actually cook healthy meals, as I work with the housemates on this.

Neither of these changes will be an immediate fix, the initial personal training is three sessions a week for twelve weeks and I don’t expect to get any noticeable improvements until then.

That said, this is something I need to do, and I hope to keep this up for the foreseeable future.

It will cut into my review posts as two of the training sessions are midweek evenings. I just completed one, and I didn’t really have the energy for more than a couple of episodes of ARIA the ANIMATION (see also: comfort anime).

In the long term I want to be in sufficiently good condition that I can replace the Arcadia [4] with a GTR for local touring. There may also be a GTO for international touring in my future.

Finally I think this is the first time I’ve used the fitness or cycling tags since I moved from the LiveJournal to WordPress. That alone says how much I need to be doing this.

[1] I think my breakfast habits, the legacy of previous attempts, aren’t too bad. The rest of it makes for truly embarrassing reading in a food diary.

[2] I’m not going to claim more than “sort of”. Don’t ask for details, you’re not getting any.

[3] For the record getting on an aeroplane once a week gets really old, really fast.

[4] The Arcadia is a Series I GreenSpeed GT5 with 16” wheels, and no prizes for guessing the probable name of the 20″ GTR I’m planning on getting.