Image sourced from TV Tropes

Image sourced from TV Tropes

Note from the proprietor: Peter Wilkie is a good friend, and the one who got me back into roleplaying (yay), and here is his review of Bodacious Space Pirates:

Once you get past the anime obsession that only teenagers can be the heroes of the story, this series becomes a delightful romp and fun to watch.

Mariko is a normal teenager with an after-school job, struggling with her grades and with an absent father. When she finds out that (a) he’s died, and (b) he was a pirate captain, she’s a little surprised. When she finds out (c) she’s inherited the captaincy of his starship, including a highly-trained crew, she’s stunned – apparently her mother knew that would happen one day but decided to keep it a secret…

What follows is an enjoyable yarn as Mariko attempts to juggle being a “normal schoolgirl” and a pirate captain at the same time. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer entertained without getting too tangled up in complexity and the characters, both major and minor, are fleshed-out and believable yet highly entertaining (and sometimes downright crazy and weird.)

The story winds its way through its 26 episode run, developing nicely along the way with few glitches. It’s not the deepest or most thought-provoking tale but it passes the time nicely with a lot of laughs, some good action scenes and excellent imagery.

As I said before, once you buy the initial premise, the story hangs together really well and the show is good entertainment value. Definitely worth a look. 9/10

Final note from the proprietor: I’m hoping Peter will write more guest posts in future, so please show this review some love with comments/discussion to encourage that. 🙂