Iron-man-3 (Photo credit: Miguel Angel Aranda (Viper))

I saw Iron Man 3 today with some friends, and enjoyed it a lot.

In one sense this is a long film filled with lots of explosions, and a sense of scale.

But special effects do not a movie make, and the special effects aren’t what makes Iron Man 3 worth seeing.

No, it is the intimate elements that build upon Tony Stark’s attempted death ride into the Chitauri portal [1] in The Avengers that makes Iron Man 3 worth seeing.

This, and other personal issues from Tony’s past, centre the film, and certainly kept me watching.

That the film ends with a real sense of resolution, of character growth, is a large part of what made it a satisfying movie to watch.

NB: There is an easter egg after the end credits [2] that plays towards The Avengers 2, which I think was a wise choice.

[1] That would be the minor spoiler for The Avengers promised in the post title.

[2] Hardly a surprise, this is basically assumed for Marvel superhero films by now.