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I was always going to auction a batch of review copies at SwanCon for cancer research. Cancer has hit the Australian SF community far too hard in recent years, and the kind provision of the review copies by Hanabee is too good an opportunity to pass up.

The only question was which type of cancer research to support this time around.

Then I saw this on twitter:

To which I replied:

So, now that I know where the money is going, I suppose I should list what will be on the block:

  1. Bodacious Space Pirates Part 1 – DVD
  2. Bodacious Space Pirates Part 1 – Blu-Ray
  3. Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2 – Blu-Ray[1]
  4. ef: a tale of memories – DVD
  5. ef: a tale of memories – Blu-Ray
  6. ef: a tale of melodies – DVD
  7.  ef: a tale of melodies – Blu-Ray
  8. GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack – DVD[2]
  9. Toradora! (including box) – DVD

Some are still shrinkwrapped, all others have been watched once.

I’ll be setting reserves of about 1/3 retail, which I think is reasonable for a charity auction.

With the exception of the one that I haven’t watched, these have all been good enough for me to buy my own copies.

[1] I’m awaiting a guest review of the Part 2 DVD so that won’t be making it in time.

[2] I haven’t seen this yet. I’m retaining the Blu-Ray for the moment in the Leaning Tower of Pisa Review Copies.