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Planetes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far I have listened to the dub of the first 12 episodes [1] of Planetes. This is the first time I’ve sat down to listen to the dub [2].

Right now I’m impressed with what I’ve heard.

In fact the Planetes dub is probably one of the best out there.

The core cast of Kirk Thornton (Hachimaki), Julie Ann Taylor (Ai), Wendee Lee (Fee), and Jamieson Price (Yuri) all deliver solid performances, ably directed by Tony Oliver (see omake below).

The translation seems reasonable, with only occasionally odd word choices forced by timing issues.

There really isn’t anything to complain about with this dub, and it is one I would be happy to show to subtitle allergic audiences.

I’ll still default to the original dialogue when watching it on my own, but I do recommend the dub as worth watching. Overall I’m calling this one a draw. 🙂

Day 1: Outside the Atmosphere
Day 2: Like a Dream
Day 3: Return Trajectory
Day 4: Part of the Job
Day 5: Fly Me to the Moon
Day 6: The Lunar Flying Squirrels
Day 7: Sub vs Dub
Day 8: Extraterrestrial Girl
Day 9: A Place To Cling To
Day 10: Regrets
Day 11: A Sky of Stardust
Day 12: Boundary Line
Day 13: A Modest Request
Day 14: Scenery with a Rocket
Day 15: ???
Day 16: Turning Point
Day 17: In Her Case
Day 18: Ignition
Day 19: His Reasons
Day 20: Debris Section, The Last Day
Day 21: Endings are Always…
Day 22: ???
Day 23: Tentative Steps
Day 24: Tandem Mirror
Day 25: Exposure
Day 26: Debris Cluster
Day 27: Love
Day 28: The Lost
Day 29: And the Days we Chance Upon…
Day 30: Looking back at Planetes

Omake: ADR Director Interview

Since I’ve now reviewed the dub it it time to look at the interview with the ADR Director Tony Oliver.

The interview covers his career as an actor, script writer, and producer for anime and other genre television, before looking at the specific challenges of adapting Planetes to the English Dub.

For those that don’t recognise the name, Tony Oliver was Rick Hunter’s voice actor in Robotech.

This is a fascinating interview that is well worth listening too, and it is worth looking at Mr Oliver’s Wikipedia page to see just how much of his career didn’t get mentioned in the interview.

[1] I’m trying to write these posts in advance so I can maintain the posting schedule.

[2] I use the dubs in Twenty/Thirty Days series to write the synopsis after watching the original dialogue.