Cover art for the volume 1 compilation DVD of ...

Cover art for the volume 1 compilation DVD of Planetes released by Bandai Entertainment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the nice features of WordPress is the Zemanta software that suggests links based on keywords.

I like that Zemanta will automatically track down relevant links like the Planetes Wikipedia page for me, and apply the links to the first mention of the keywords.

I can choose to not apply the links, but having the feature makes putting the posts together easier. I do check where the links lead to. The links are keyword based so apparent matches might not be relevant at all.

When I wrote the Return Trajectory post it threw up an unexpected link that I thought might not be relevant. In that episode a coffin for a space burial returns to Earth orbit, and must be dealt with as debris.

The name of the astronaut was given as Ibn Fadlan, and that unexpected link was to the Wikipedia page for a noted 10th century Arab traveller by the name of Ahmad ibn Fadlan.

I do recommend reading the linked page, he sounded like a significant explorer and man of letters. Learning something this way was a pleasant surprise, and one that I hope will happen again.

I think that the reference to Ahmad ibn Fadlan in Planetes was deliberate, but I won’t say more just now. I’ll be discussing this in one of the meta posts later.

One minor source of amusement with Zemanta is that Wikipedia has a page listing the Planetes episodes, but it doesn’t consistently pick the same episode title to link to. So far it is mostly picking A Place To Cling To but has also picked The Lunar Flying Squirrels twice.