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I am planning to do an anime panel at Continuum in June on the topic of anime that are better than they have any right to be. This is an early announcement and call for assistance/suggestions.

Although I’ve done a number of “best of” / recommendations for new viewers panels I’m increasingly finding these panels to be narrow in terms of the suggestions usually made.  In practice these panels often result in mass squees over a selected set of titles without any real criticism.

What I think will be more interesting is to look at shows that should not have worked at all, or that should not have worked as well as they did.

This could expose inexperienced or casual anime viewers to the 2nd tier of enjoyable shows and also allow a reasonable discussion of the flaws.

My working list of shows to discuss in the panel includes:

  • Bodacious Space Pirates
  • Girls Und Panzer
  • Pretear
  • Rocket Girls
  • Ruin Explorers
  • Scrapped Princess
  • Toradora (maybe, I’m having 2nd thoughts about this one)

Please leave a comment if you want to join me on the panel and/or want to suggest other titles (please give a reason for why it fits the theme of the panel).

Incidentally if you’re going to be in Melbourne in from 7 – 10 June 2013, I do recommend showing up to Continuum.  It is one of the conventions I go to every year (the other being SwanCon in Perth, but you knew that).