Image courtesy of TV Tropes

Image courtesy of TV Tropes

Girls Und Panzer is rapidly turning into one of my favourite shows of 2012. It is also turning into the exemplar of my tagline: A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology [1].

Schedule? What Schedule?

Next week will be the second time that schedule slip has resulted in a clip show filling in for an actual episode.

So by next week (when I would guess that the season would normally end), there will be 10 actual episodes plus two recap episodes: Introductions (episode 5.5) and Introductions 2 (episode 10.5).  It is not clear when the final 2 real episodes will be broadcast [2].

This is not a particularly good performance, especially considering…

Now THAT’S how you do an action sequence.

Girls Und Panzer has retained the strong points of my first thoughts, added some nice character development, and a master class in how to script an action scene.

So far Girls Und Panzer has been trying to balance character focussed time out of the tanks with action/battle sequences in the tanks. I think the scriptwriters nailed this in episode 9, Last Ditch Effort!, where the relatively gentle first half of the episode is balanced by a heart pounding action scene in the second. Toss in an perfectly timed cliff hanger [3], and you have an episode that I’ve watched at least three times already [4].

Episode 10, Classmates, was deliberately more character than action focussed.  The purpose of this episode is to set the heroines resolve, and get the final match started badly for Ooarai Girls High School.

A spot of copyright silliness

As noted on the TV Tropes page (spoilery, but scroll down to No Export for You), there was a licensing snarl with a Russian song performed by some of the voice actresses [5]. As a result it was dropped from the CrunchyRoll version of episode 8.

It really is quite a lovely song to listen to so I’ve included a youtube link to it here:

What I’m hoping will happen in the finale

Due to the spoilers I’m going to ROT-13 this next bit.  If you translate it I expect you to know the background to what I’m saying.

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Ubjrire V’z ubcvat gung gur erfhygvat n tebhaqfjryy bs cbchyne fhccbeg jvyy or jung ceriragf Bbnenv sebz pybfvat, naq V guvax gung jvyy or n orggre jnl gb raq gur frevrf.


I’m still greatly enjoying Girls Und Panzer, I’m still somewhat surprised by this, and I wish I didn’t have to wait until March for it to end.

[1] There is, as a result, a reasonable chance that Girls Und Panzer will end up as one of my favourite shows of 2013 as well.

[2] I’ve seen at least two sources (TV Tropes and My Anime List) indicating March for the final episodes.

[3] I’m not going to spoil Last Ditch Effort! more than that. It is now unlocked on CrunchyRoll for non-subscribers so go watch it yourself.

[4] Although the first time I saw episode 9 was plagued by seemingly endless internet dropouts just as it was getting good,

[5] The TV Tropes characters page indicates that Sumire Uesaka, the voice actress for the lead singer, “is a foreign language major specializing in Russian”. 🙂