Pirates of the Burley Griffin is, if I’m honest, mostly written for my own benefit and the limited audience of anime fans I’ve acquired since moving to WordPress from the LiveJournal.

Daily Stats. Can you guess when I left the comment?

For the most part I don’t deal with serious material, and for the most part I’m happy for that to be so. But on very rare occasions I do tackle serious topics and Bumper Sticker Feminism was one of those times.

For my end of year review I expected to have maybe 10 posts that had passed 100 hits over the course of the year, and Bumper Sticker Feminism wasn’t going to be in that list. It wasn’t even going to be close to making the list.

This made me a little sad, especially given the trivial subject matter of the two leading posts.

Then I left a comment on John Scalzi’s Quick Notes on My Personal Feminism that linked to Bumper Sticker Feminism. I thought the views expressed were similar, and that it was both reasonable and relevant to post the link.

I expected to get some hits as a result. I did not expect what the graph shows. This is the awesome power of Whatever, and I’d like to thank Mr Scalzi for letting me post the link in the comments.

Bumper Sticker Feminism is now the most popular post on Pirates of the Burley Griffin, and I confidently expect it to be number one when I finish my 2012 in review post in January.

So if you are one of the visitors who arrived here from Whatever, thank you for reading what is possibly the most important post I’ve ever written, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog.