In which the reinforced party defeats a sea serpent, loses the boat, and Eric gets an existential surprise.

Reinforcements arrive in Foxland

Kali, Libertas, Frodina, and a new ally arrive by a fast boat in Foxland just before a storm shuts the port down.  The new member of the party is Lorena Whitelock who is a human with white hair, pale skin, and a tendency to glow white all the time.  Lorena is a White Mosaic Mage, and also speaks a slightly different version of Draconic.

Foxland is apparently too small for the traditional White Lion [1], but instead has a Mariner’s Tavern to more or less dry off in as the rain continues to pour down.  The guide Timothy advises the party that the shore skimmer will be available when the weather clears.

Oh, no, not you again

Also in the Mariner’s Tavern is a Nimbus Tower Mage Breanna, last seen as one of Colonel Howell’s officers. Howell is also apparently in the area having been sent to do a job by the Master of Nine.  Howell is seen later, as is the half-fiend that contributed to the interesting meeting in Drakehold.

Meanwhile Frodina and Kelain were buying acid bombs from Ronald.

The tales grow in the telling

There was news in Foxland of a naval vessel that had been taken out by the sea serpent. There were a few survivors that various member of the party talked to over the early stages.  The reported size of the sea serpent grew with each telling, reaching 400 foot before the tales were done.

Lorena, Kali, Jamir and Eric went so see one of the survivors under the care of the local temple.  Whilst there Jamir pulled off a particularly messy piece of healing involving minor surgery, major spells, and the aftermath of appendicitis [2].  The other survivor the fleet trireme mentioned that we weren’t the only ones asking about the sea serpent – the House Vance officer met in the previous session, and the half-fiend from House Ramsey have also been asking [3].

There was one useful piece of information here: the sea serpent attacks the oars first before going for the crew on deck.  The stories here were of a 200 – 300 foot serpent.  This survivor is a clear case of Post Traumatic Stress as he became paralysed for no known reason once he managed to swim ashore.

Bar Fights for Fun and Profit.

Mostly for fun though. Grog, the half-orc monk aided and abetted by Sebastian, challenged the sailors to fisticuffs at 5 gp a round.  After the first three victories, Grog then took on 5 for 20 gp.  I think that the sailors ran out of money around then, but were definitely in a good mood afterwards.

Meanwhile Eric left a donation on the altar of the Temple of Gozac, the god of Sea and Storms [4].

Colonel Howell showed up in the tavern, found out about the old man asking for directions to Illiss-by-the-sea and left with his other mages in a hurry.

Going hunting

The storm cleared the next day and the party set off on the shore skimmer with some minimal planning.  The Captain and crew are distinctly unimpressed with the entire idea of hunting sea serpents.

There was good news for Jamir from a Temple Levite that prayers and sacrifices for the party’s success were being offered by the Temple of Gozrac.

Towards the end of the day, the ship arrived near a set of what should be inhabited islands with a dock.  There’s no sign of either, and the ship anchors for the night. Lorena attempts to boost morale by cooking a better meal for the crew.

Naturally, that’s when the sea serpent appears and attacks.  The battle itself was fairly chaotic, and my notes for the fight are somewhat sketchy:

  • Eric handed out spears and javelins to most of the crew. Not that they did much good.
  • Ronald’s acid bombs and Eric’s Acid Arrows were quite effective over time.
  • Sebastian’s Weird Words also did a lot of damage.
  • Meanwhile the serpent was handing a lot of damage. Most characters could only stand one hit, if that. Jamir was kept busy healing characters and crew.
  • The serpent breathed fire over the boat, killing the Captain and Helmsman, but also revealing Eric’s angelic flesh feat of brazen (brass) skin.
  • As it was starting to lose the serpent capsized the boat, but died at the same time.

The session ended with Eric having an existential crisis whilst Kali rescued him from drowning, and Libertas lifting Jamir out of the water.

So, it is dark, the party is clinging to a capsized boat, they are 80 feet from shore, and Sebastian is making sure that the only 60 foot body of the sea serpent isn’t being lost.

Out of Character Commentary

For a number of reasons this session ended up with more people than usual, and also at my place rather than at the usual venue.  I was at one end of the table and could not hear everything that was going on, as such there are gaps in these notes that I will be relying on comments to fill.

Should there be further sessions at my place I think I may invoke host privileges to implement a house rule for side conversations to be moved away from the table.

Howell’s reaction to the old man is worrying.  My suspicions that he’s from the Unseen Valley and/or is one of the guardians are deepening.

That the sea serpent was “only” 60 foot long is also worrying, and gives rise to speculations that I’m not about to write down where the GM can see them [5].


As always I enjoyed myself, and I enjoyed hosting it.  However the number of players is getting well up there and some more focus may be needed to manage the sessions in future.

I’m also looking forward to Eric dealing with the fact that he’s not as human as he thought, and being forced to revise his theories.

[1] Yes, the running gag of the White Lion is almost back.  It popped up in sessions 5, 6, and also in Redia before the party built the Free Company’s guild house.

[2] I think that like most, if not all, of the players I am deeply grateful that tabletop roleplaying only involved verbal descriptions whilst this scene was happening.

[3] Although I doubt House Vance or House Ramsey are getting paid as much to deal with the thing.

[4] Gozrac is essentially the Pathfinder equivalent of Poseidon.  i.e not a particularly nice god, best to pray regularly to him.  Although Eric’s was mostly moved by the good works of the local priesthood rather than by any devotion to Gozrac.

[5] The GM has plenty of ideas of his own. He doesn’t need this one. Trust me on this.