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My copy of Redshirts (I’m not gloating here. Much).

The best way to approach Redshirts is by knowing a) about the Red Shirt trope as expressed in popular culture, b) that the trope is about to be twisted beyond recognition, and c) nothing else.

I think that knowing in advance how Mr Scalzi will be messing with the trope, and by extension with your head, would somewhat ruin it.

If you haven’t read Redshirts yet, I strongly recommend avoiding any review that gives spoilers beyond what’s on the front cover:  They were expendable…until they started comparing notes.

I’m going to follow my own recommendation so that’s the only hint you’re getting here. 🙂

Personally I enjoyed Redshirts a lot.  Redshirts is a short, well paced, novel (including the codas), that works well and one that I recommend for a light read of a morning.

Since it is entirely appropriate I’ll end with the theme song for the novel by Jonathon Coulton: