In which the party plays both ends against the middle by whacking an assassin, and then plans the grand opening of the Free Company [1].

But “What happened to sessions 7 and 8?” I hear you cry.

I missed those sessions due to being sick.  Eric would have spent the time researching his history, and reimbursing Sebastian for the expenses incurred to date in setting up the Free Company.  Eric also continued his charitable works in Redia.

As far as the rest of the party goes the negotiations with Filcher were… interesting.  It turns out that there may be up to 20 minotaurs on the loose, and that Filcher wants a seat on the Redia City Council currently held by a House Theedul representative.

This led to a further deal with Theedul for the party to kill Filcher’s assassin. Meanwhile it appears that Filcher is also finding the minotaurs to be somewhat inconvenient so a deal for the party to take all 20 of them out was also made.

Sebastian has designed and constructed the guild house using the Lyre of Building.

Apparently there may be a prophecy about the party uncovered by Jamir when he visited the Temple of Pharasma.  There are also conspiracy theorists in House Vance that Sebastian and Jamir have been encouraging along this line [2].

There were other hijinks involving some of the party, the sewers, some of the minotaurs [3], confusion [4], miscommunications [5], and Kali ending up in the House Hewitt enclave with Libertas in tow.

So that cat is well and truly out of the bag, and apparently House Hewitt are sending Kali a letter about this.

In other news the dwarf Rune Stoned now has a portable keg of booze on his hip at all times.  This can’t end well.

Now What?

Despite the complexity of sessions 7 & 8, this session started with three fairly simple goals:

  • Prevent the assassination of the Theedul representative on the City Council;
  • Kill the minotaurs; and
  • Launch the Free Company as a going concern.

However there is sometimes a difference between simple and easy.

A reconnaissance of sorts

House Theedul had managed to locate the base of Filcher’s primary assassin, but didn’t know who or what was inside. So the party set out to get some intelligence in a variety of ways.

Kali visited the fairly low class area masquerading as a lost servant to get a general feel for the street.

Frodina and Sebastian contrived to get entry via Frodina disguising herself as a lost, and hurt, child and Sebastian as a none-too-bright noble coming to her aid.

They did work out that there were two goons and that the assassin was a Drow, but it was also clear that the Drow worked out what they were immediately. However they managed to lose their tails fairly quickly.

Meanwhile Jamir, and possibly Kelain, were researching minotaurs in the House Vance library.  In short minotaurs are tough, tend to charge, and are nasty to deal with in their lairs.

Eric was worried about escape routes for the assassin and tried to find if there were sewer exits.  An old map indicated this was not likely, and Sebastian will be sent back later to get a copy of that map.

A Simple Plan

The limited intelligence, combined with House Theedul clearing the street, meant that a simple plan was the best idea.  This involved the portable battering ram [6], a general intent to charge, Libertas and Kelain on overwatch to prevent the assassin escaping via the roof.  Kozuket also acquired some useful potions from the Alchemists Guild.

Mayhem and Hilarity Ensues

Rune Stoned and Kali knocked the door down fairly quickly, the party rushed inside to face the two goons.

Hector took a major but justified risk to use a daily ability to rush past the fight and keep the drow busy. Hector did trigger a crossbow trap upstairs, and ended up paralysed [7], but he also managed to prevent the drow from escaping.

Hector’s ability as a time thief is essentially “bullet time” and he did use it effectively. The “bullet time” allowed him to survive against a much more powerful opponent until help arrived, but there was a risk it could have gone badly.

Despite the cramped quarters one goon went down fast, and another retreated behind a locked door. The rest of the party charged upstairs and the drow went down fairly quickly once the party engaged.  The other goon was dealt with shortly afterwards.

Personally I was pleased that Eric was fairly effective in this combat, the time honoured favourite of Magic Missile worked well here.

Looting ensued with some minor cash and magical items being retrieved.

Moving On

Kozuket met with his contact Katy Slim to advise Filcher that his assassin was out of the game, and to get directions to the remaining minotaurs.  It appears that, so far at least,  the party have not broken any deals, although Filcher is still likely to be somewhat upset.

As Sebastian, Kali, and Frodina start hiring servants for the Free Company, the party starts planning for the grand opening to occur a few days after the minotaurs have been dealt with.


I’m still not fully clear on the details of the two sessions I missed. I’m hoping that other session reports will come to light on that eventually, but it does sound like some clever negotiations happened.

This was an enjoyable session, watching Frodina and Sebastian get busted by the Drow was highly amusing, and the party worked fairly well as a unit in combat.

I’m looking forward to the next session.

[1] The Free Company would be the name finally settled on for the nascent adventurers guild.  Given the historical connotations, I think this will work well.

[2] The players for Sebastian and Jamir clearly need to spend more time watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Encouraging prophecies strikes me as a recipe for disaster…

[3] Some have been taken out, but the party disengaged when things got too hot to handle.

[4] The disengagement from combat may not have been as orderly as Kali wanted. “Guys? Guys? What the…”

[5] Variations on “Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!” may have been used a couple of times.

[6] I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: that the party owns a portable battering ram, or that the party has had occasion to use it twice.

[7] He got better. Kozuket is useful to have around, and not just for negotiations.