Ryk Spoor alerted me to this interesting, and often disturbing, post from Seanan McGuire.  Both may be triggering in nature, as may be what follows here.

Go. Read those first.  I’ll be here to comment on them when you get back.

The thing that gets me about this issue isn’t so much the overt misogyny as some of the implied misogyny.

The overt elements of the misogyny are clear enough, both Ms McGuire and Mr Spoor have more than adequately nailed those in their responses.  Both are brilliant posts, and if you haven’t read them yet, why not?

No, the one that gets me is the implication that as the price of “respect” female authors must acknowledge, and to some extent accept, rape culture as part of their work.

That, yes you can write strong female characters so long as you show them to be victims at the same time.

“Respect” like that isn’t worth having, and Ms McGuire’s flat rejection of it is possibly the thing I applauded most in her post.

Ms McGuire is clearly going to write what she wants, how she wants, rape is not one of those things, and to hell with everyone else.

I don’t think I’ve read any of her work, but I’m tempted just on the strength of this.

PS: Please read this before making any comments on this post, and bear in mind that I am not likely to be tolerant of any misogyny in the comments.

PPS: I was also considering writing about the latest Alan Jones spew but I don’t have sufficient rage in me to do it justice.  There’s enough coverage elsewhere on that.