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Source: TV Tropes. L to R: Sawa Okita, Wakana Sakai, Konatsu Miyamoto

Since Kokoro Connect and Sword Art Online haven’t had the courtesy to end at 13 episodes [1] here is a separate wrap-up of Tari Tari (aka Doing This and That [2]).

I am increasingly finding myself less interested in momentous plots or weighty matters when I watch anime.  More and more I want to watch decent folk being decent folk, and the slice of life genre is ideally suited to this.

In the end I found Tari Tari to be a frustrating eighty-percenter: it could have been great but didn’t quite make it.

It certainly had its moments, especially with the not-entirely-successful attempt to tackle body image.  The ending didn’t help there with Sawa still seeking to become a racing jockey, but training for it overseas.  This means that the core issue has only been deferred rather than addressed.

The resolution to Wakana’s arc was nicely handled, and the entire series delivered a good result for Konatsu.

The boys Wien and Taichi were mostly there to balance out the numbers.  It was nice to see a high school series that wasn’t focussed on romance, but that introduced a hint at the end.  This felt right, like something that might slowly grow from friends working together.

The biggest problem was that the ending was OK but not more than that.  This was partly due to cognitive dissonance between the apparent and actual age of the the high school.  The ending was pleasant enough to watch, and I enjoyed it whilst I was watching it, but it certainly lacked the resonance achieved by Hanasaku Iroha or ARIA: The ORIGINATION.

Overall Tari Tari ends up as a pleasant, inoffensive, series to enjoy watching but is not much more than that.

[1] It remains to be seen whether Kokoro Connect should have ended at 13, and Sword Art Online is possibly a candidate for the Learn to Edit Dammit! Award of 2012.

[2] For more on the title see this blog post (recommended).