In which the party shops, seeks out a base of operations, and a new means of employment.

Arriving in Redia

Colonel Howell’s tower dropped the party just outside of Redia, the capital of Florin.  Before Howell headed north for the next brushfire [1], Sebastian discussed the “official” version of events that he should be circulating [2].

Sebastian also advanced his plans for a guild house by attempting to exchange a Guild Coin for it. Howell is unable to meet this request but does provide letters of introduction to the head of the Guild in Redia. This used up the Coin, which was apparently valued at about 10,000GP.

The trip into Redia to the inevitable White Lion Tavern was mostly uneventful but did start drawing attention towards the party.  Sebastian’s shiny steel skin , halo, and siege engine may have contributed to this.

Most of the members of the City Guard are not drawn from any house, and this is reflected in the quality (or lack thereof).

The party booked an entire wing of the White Lion to ensure some privacy.

It’s the lu-lu-loot makes the boys get up and shoot

The next day the party headed to the Mage Guild to buy various magic items and/or have their existing equipment enchanted.  We were directed to an enchanter by the name of Phillip who had some amusing stories to tell about enchanting a horse to be immortal.

Phillip took on the task of enchanting the various weapons and armour once the party set up a joint account at the Guild Bank.  The next stop was the emporium selling the various other bits and pieces such as bags of holding, rings of protection, etc.

This basically blew through most of the loot from the previous session, although Eric still has about 1500gp left.

The Lyre of Building and the Land to Build On

Sebastian followed up on the letters of introduction to meet with the Master of Seven.  The Master of Seven is a title used to hide the real name of high ranking mages in the Guild (since names can have magical significance at times).

The Master of Seven is also a fairly attractive noblewoman.  The negotiations to obtain land in the Guild district and the Lyre of Building included a moderate amount of mutual flirting with Sebastian.  In the end Sebastian was invited to a concert being put on by House Ramsey as the Master of Seven’s date.

The negotiations were also mostly successful in that Sebastian now has the Lyre, but the Mage Guild will store it (and have the use of it) when Sebastian is not using it.  Land was also acquired for a future guild house.

How to win friends and influence people

The entire party ended up with tickets to the concert courtesy of the Master of Seven.  As this was a fairly high class do, Kozuket, Kali, and Eric herded the rest of the party to the tailors to acquire suitable clothing and accoutrements.

The concert turned out to be serious business for the nascent adventurers guild [3] as Kozuket, Jamir and Eric ended up talking to most of the factions in town, usually shadowed by Kali.  I’m not sure what Hector was doing (there were notes being passed back and forth between the player and the GM), but Kelain, Raylt, and Rune Stoned spent most of the evening at the bar.

Just as well really, the band were a trio of illusionists with a repertoire really only suited for high ranking mages.

The first discussion was somewhat disturbing for poor Kali as we were approached by Brigadier Mays from House Hewitt who was clearly aware of Libertas.  However Kozuket managed to divert the conversation.

A meeting with House Vance revealed that Father Scott, last seen in Drakehold, had just arrived, and the Bishop of the Empyreal Lords hinted at Eric’s bloodline (much to Eric’s confusion).

The negotiations continued through the evening touching on all the Houses Major, as well as the most significant of the Houses Minor (Omer, Theedral, and Lock).

Sebastian spent most of the evening with the Master of Seven until the Master of Two arrived with serious business to discuss.

After the concert it turned out that Paladin Andresen has also arrived in Redia.

A discreet meeting and getting more information

At 3AM a representative from House Theedral arrived to hire the group to deal with a minotaur in the employ of a “minor” crime lord named Filcher.  Part of the deal is to advertise the party’s competence and discretion as a neutral force.

Some investigations into the underside of Redia revealed that while Filcher may have been a minor crime lord once, Filcher is currently the crime lord in Redia.  Whilst Eric was conducting personal genealogical research at the old Royal Courts, Kozuket arranged a meeting with Filcher.  At the same time Sebastian was getting started on the guild building using the Lyre of Building


This was an interesting session, albeit mostly a transition between story arcs.  The challenge at the next session will be dealing with the minotaur without making Redia hostile ground for the new guild. This will depend on partly whether Filcher can be negotiated with, and partly on how powerful he is.

The sudden usage of the Guild Coin, and the acquisition of a base, took Eric by surprise.  He will be reimbursing Sebastian for at least some of the expenses that Sebastian incurred on the party’s behalf, but Eric would also appreciate a little more warning next time.

I’m looking forward to the next session and I hope I’m over this cold by then.


[1] It is an open bet on whether Howell is starting or putting the brushfire out.  Apparently someone owes the Mage Guild money…

[2] I now have a copy of this via email; I may post it later with the player’s permission.

[3] The party still needs a name for this guild incidentally. My current suggestion is The Loyal Company of Free Adventurers.