In which the party gets paid, talks to goblins, and whacks a pair of drakes. Normally I’d expect it to be whacks the goblins and talks to drakes, but that’s how it played out. 🙂

Getting Paid

The session began with a recap of previous events as the player for the ranger Kelain Oaksreach appeared [1]. As part of this Sebastian and Frodina shared the rewards of their creative requisitioning with the party [2].

After this Archmage Lord Faran, one of the party’s many employers [3], issued orders that the caravan to Guildhaven via Bridges would be leaving tomorrow.  Cue the mad scramble by the more, ah, diplomatically oriented characters [4] to visit all of said employers to collect the pay.

After some reasonably careful diplomacy the party managed to get:

  • Payment from Faran for the caravan guard duties up to Drakehold, and payment in advance for the leg to Bridges
  • Payment from Colonel Howell for doing the investigations that Faran ordered him to do [5]
  • Payment from House Hewett that was directly authorised by Lord General Taylor [6]
  • Payment from House Vance courtesy of Father Scott.

The latter involved attending a High Mass for Pelor, and also offered Eric the chance to make a quiet donation to the poor. The other characters dragged Kali away from the angel that was presiding over the mass. 🙂

Leaving Drakehold

The departure from Drakehold the next day was slow but offered some amusement.  The party owns a couple of wagons to carry their luggage etc as part of the caravan.  This is just as well given that, for no readily apparent reason, the bard has acquired a ballista.

Yes, you read that right: Sebastian owns a siege weapon that he can’t actually use.  I suppose it goes with the griffin saddle [7].

This caravan is carrying a sensitive cargo that House Ramsey badly want to get to Guildhaven. Lord Faran asked the party for advice on taking backroads and/or a river boat to avoid attention etc.  A compromise of using the highways to Bridges and then the river/back routes to Guildhaven was suggested and agreed to.

Talking to Goblins (don’t laugh, it can be done)

Early in the trip the caravan left the highway in search of a discreet camping ground in bad weather.  The party was sent ahead to arrange this.

An encounter with some remarkably well equipped goblins in the forest, belonging to the Underleaf warren, was resolved peacefully.  It helps that Sebastian has successfully dealt with goblins before, and it looks like his ability to do so in future has been reinforced by acquiring another token.

Drakes, Dwarves, and Deadly Accuracy Oh My!

The next morning the caravan returned to the highway.  The party was again sent ahead to organise a watering hole for the horses.

The caravan was about to rejoin the party and the highway when two drakes attacked.  The drakes almost achieved surprise, and did get an effective acid spit off.  The subsequent fight went well and Eric used his new spell [8] successfully.

The ending of the fight was spectacular.  It started when Rune Stoned (the dwarf) decapitated one drake with a very stylish blow.  The second drake had been having a hard time, courtesy of Kali and Libertas, and then tried to withdraw.

The second drake would have gotten away had Kali not managed an equally spectacular bow shot to bring it down [9].  Rune Stoned may have ended up with a trophy, Libertas definitely ended up with a large lunch [10].

The rest of the trip to Bridges was uneventful, and a House Ramsey cutter was waiting for us on the river.


Another fun session, and one where the party worked together well.  I didn’t really go into details but the fight with the drakes was tactically well executed without any friendly fire incidents.

I suspect that the drakes were meant to be tougher to deal with, and that the games master didn’t fully realise how much of an upgrade fourth level was for the party.  The games master will certainly compensate for this now, the question is will he overcompensate?

On the other hand, Lord Faran was going to reassess the party’s contract based on how effective the party was on the way to Bridges.  Fairly casually disposing of two drakes is probably a good sign as far as those negotiations go.

In terms of boring mechanical bits, currently the party has about 13,500 gp in pay to distribute, plus the 250gp each provided by Sebastian and Frodina.  Depending on how long the party stays in Bridges there may be shopping ahead. Although I think it is more likely that the next shopping trip will be in Guildhaven due to it being a bigger city and also because Lord Faran wants to be there yesterday.

[1] Regrettably my various notes do not include a list of player and/or character names.  I will edit these back in as I learn them (or as players leave comments reminding me of them…). EDIT: I have a list in the comments, and have started doing this.

[2] See the session 3 report in the related articles below.

[3] In session 2 Kozuket managed to get the party independently hired by all three Houses for the same piece of work.

[4] i.e. Charisma 20 or so (Eric, Kozuket, Sebastian), with Kali along as the silent muscle.

[5] See the session 1 report.

[6] Kali quietly panicking at being in the same room with the general was a nice piece of character work.

[7] In my session 1 report I wasn’t sure if Sebastian had ended up with a griffin saddle: he did, and it’s a left handed saddle.

[8] Fire arrow: technically acid arrow which would have been useless against acid spitting drakes but Eric can change any energy based spell to fire, and that worked much better.

[9] In terms of the game mechanics: two very nice critical hits right when they were needed.

[10] It appears that Libertas has fairly firm views on the proper place of the lesser draconic species. 🙂