I think that Tari Tari episode 8 Worrying and Racing Ahead provides an emotional, but not an intellectual or rational, resolution to the body image issues raised in Spinning in Circles and Losing Sight.  The emotional resolution is satisfying, the lack of an intellectual resolution is damaging.

More Spoilers Ahead

In addition to the weight limit there is, apparently, also a height limit for the riding college that Sawa had her heart set on. Sawa is also perilously close to the height limit as well as way over the weight limit. [1]

During the episode Sawa’s father emerges as the clumsy type who cares deeply but can’t express himself all that well.  His phone argument with the riding school is just beautiful, if probably ultimately futile. There is one really nice touch latish in the episode when Sawa refuses to apologise to her father because it would ruin the dynamic of their arguments.

The unqualified support of her friends and the frantic horse ride through town to rejoin them for a festival audition does carry a satisfying emotional resolution to the two episodes.

But what isn’t there, beyond some hints, is the intellectual resolution. In fact the only hint given is Sawa revising a list of preferred colleges, previously a list of one [2], but the revised list isn’t seen.

The question remains: how is Sawa is going to deal with her future and the reality that she’s just too damned big to be a racing jockey?  If she’s pushing the height limit as well, then there’s no healthy way for her to get to the weight limit.

I did enjoy Worrying and Racing Ahead, the scenes of Sawa’s horse ride through town are priceless, but I had hoped for so much more. A full resolution to Sawa’s arc needed not just the reconnection with the now of the “Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club” but a new goal for the future, something to live for that provides an alternative dream.  It just wasn’t there, and the episode is the poorer for it.

[1] I suspect that this just makes Sawa a healthy weight for her height.

[2] The one being the Riding College, obviously