A disc resting in the basket

A disc resting in the basket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I amused myself, and anyone in the vicinity, at the Perth Ace Race at Perry Lakes Reserve.  An Ace Race is a Disc Golf course laid out with short holes and only one shot per hole.
Landing in the basket is an Ace, hitting the basket but not landing is referred to as a Metal (and was used as a tiebreaker at one point).

In this case the two rounds meant:

Glee is overall a good word for the morning: the rain held off until we were done (mostly), there was good company, a pleasant walk in a park, and I was throwing Frisbees with something resembling purpose.

That’s before I mention the player’s packs which contained a couple of discs, a towel, and a very nice water bottle.

It is unfortunate that I won’t be in Perth next weekend for the Perth Open. If you are going to be in Perth I do recommend having a go.

Finally, I’d like to thank rdmasters and leecetheartist for organising such a fun, and well run, event (although some of the holes were downright evil).

EDIT: Rob has now posted a video of the event to YouTube that I present for your entertainment.