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The Time of Eve (aka Eve no Jikan) is a six episode ONA [1] that is definitely worth a look.  I’m still not sure if I enjoyed it, but there are some very interesting concepts at play here.

Time of Eve is a modern take on the Three Laws of Robotics crossed with Fantastic Racism and the near-traditional anime questioning of what it means to be human.

Quite well done overall Time of Eve may have suffered from the short episode lengths. Most are only 15 minutes long, the finale is roughly half an hour, and this may have forced tighter editing than was wise.  As such Time of Eve simply doesn’t have the room to thoroughly tackle the issues raised in the premise.

Certainly much of the back story is only hinted at.

There is apparently [2] a theatrical version which links the episodes together, and adds some new scenes. I would be interested in seeing that, but it doesn’t appear to be on CrunchyRoll.

I’m glad I saw Time of Eve as there is a lot to be said for it.  I didn’t get the full emotional effect, but I do appreciate seeing intelligent anime tackling serious topics.  I recommend seeing it at least once.


[1] Original Net Animation, it’s a new term for me too.

[2] See the Wikipedia page for details.