I was recently invited to join an actual face to face RPG campaign using the Pathfinder system [1] in a party that is relatively light on for attack magic.  I’ve created a sorcerer with some specialisation in fire magic [2], which should work out nicely.

I’m looking forward to playing but I wanted more than “ye generic sorcerer” [3].

I wanted a story that could be interesting to tell with the other players, and that could also help the GM weave the character into the wider story.

The Story:

Eric Pelorson is a (possibly the) descendant of an ancient line that claims to be descended from Pelor, the god of the Sun and Healing.

Eric is also a scholar who doesn’t believe this for a second, and is trying to disprove the claim [4].  One of his possessions is an heirloom signet ring that may (or may not) help to unravel the mystery.

Eric’s home village out in the country simply didn’t have the depth of research materials required.  Hence, Eric is travelling throughout the Realm of Florin to obtain the necessary books and scrolls.

Eric is reluctant to discuss why he is seeking to achieve this goal, and is definitely trying to avoid returning home until he has a definite answer.  If pressed he will admit that the claim is easily abused at best, and possibly heretical at worst, and in either case wants no part of it.

The Character:

As mentioned above Eric is a sorcerer with the Fire Elemental bloodline, combined with an Aasimar racial heritage that further reinforces the fire theme.

The Aasimar race has celestial heritage but can (mostly) pass for human.  I’ll be playing Eric as ignorant of his heritage in this respect: he thinks that the family is naturally talented with fire magic, but doesn’t believe it to be divine in origin.  Acquiring any of the Aasimar specific feats at later levels could be a nasty surprise for poor Eric.


I’m looking forward to playing Eric, he will be an effective character in the party without being minmaxed or a munchkin.  There are a couple of choices in skills etc that I made purely for amusement value and these should add to the fun.

[1] Pathfinder is a variant on AD&D v3.5 so I’ve got enough familiarity to work with it.  I’ve also just bought the core rule book and the advanced races guide.

[2] “Some specialisation in fire magic”  should be interpreted to mean “just shy of Shidou Hikaru” in Magic Knight Rayearth.

[3] As it happens the bloodline variations to sorcerer’s do provide for a fair number of interesting options, but I still want a story to go with it.

[4] Of course if it should happen to be true, then Eric is in for a truly impressive “Oh CRAP!” moment sometime down the track. But that will be up to the GM…