Light Novel Cover, sourced from TV Tropes

From a borderline case Papa no Iu koto o Kikinasi! improved strongly, and ended as well as could be expected.  Overall Papakiki! sits neatly into the “better than it had any right to be category”, but it could have been astonishing.

The core characters are well realised and their interactions are generally nicely handled.  When Papakiki! deals with the tragedy that started the story, the character work rises from nice to exceptional

As I tweeted last night when Papakiki! was at its best: How do you explain to a three year old that her parents aren’t ever coming back?

How does a fourteen year old half sister [1] handle this while biting back her own tears?

These are the moments when Papakiki! simply sings, and I’m glad I persevered to see them.

It also helps that as the series progressed the fan service was (mostly) toned down, as were some of the other questionable aspects.

I appreciate that the writers were probably trying to leaven the tragedy with comedy, but I do wonder if there were better ways to go about it.  Certainly Usagi Drop never needed to descend to this level.

This is what drags Papakiki! down from astonishing to simply good.  I do recommend persevering for the payoff, but it isn’t likely to be on a rewatch list for some time, if ever.

[1] As I said last time: it’s complicated.