Kanamemo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently noticed both Kanamemo and Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! (2012) as anime featuring orphaned main characters.  The similarity in concept to Usagi Drop (2011) started me wondering if there’s currently something bubbling to the surface in the Japanese Zeitgeist on this topic [1].

On that basis I decided to check out Kanamemo, and actually made it through 4 episodes.

At which point the willing suspension of disbelief needed to continue was neither willing nor suspended. Much of what was happening in Kanamemo was reminding me of this:

This trope can be misogynistic, particularly when the cross dresser is inserted into a voyeuristic or abusive situation in place of a female character. “If we use this character no-one could possibly be offended by this incident which will be a trigger for X”.

Yeah, right. 😦 [2]

Substitute “all female cast” for “cross dresser” and you have my biggest source of problems with this show.  It didn’t help that episode 4 was a swimsuit episode, and was going to be followed by a bath house episode [3].

Pass. I’ll probably have a look at Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!, but I’m not going to expect too much at this point.

[1] Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on this, or any other examples that I should be aware of.

[2] Anime Tropes: The Sequel, scroll down to the discussion of Cross Dresser, just after Taboo Breaking Humour.

[3] In Anime Tropes: The Sequel (see link above) the Hot Springs Visit and/or the swimsuit episode is just after the Cross Dresser entry.