Sound of the Sky

Sound of the Sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sora no Woto (aka Sound of the Sky) is a quite enjoyable series but is somewhat confused as to what type of story it is.

The combination of slice of life and war is hell doesn’t completely work, and Sora no Woto only barely gets away with music will save the world [1].  I will give bonus points for the music being a superb rendition of Amazing Grace on trumpet instead of some idol singer.

The first two episodes are relatively clumsily scripted, and I bounced off the series a couple of times as a result.  It was only because of repeated recommendations that I persisted, and thankfully Soro no Woto does settle down into some very nice character work after that.

Speaking of the characters am I the only one who identifies Filicia Heideman (top right in the image above) as an expy of Alicia Florence in ARIA? The characters are bizarrely similar in many ways, right down to vocal style, and this is despite having different voice actresses.

I was watching it on CrunchyRoll so I haven’t seen the bonus episodes

Overall Sora no Woto is worth a look, and I’ll probably order the DVDs to get a look at the bonus episodes, but it isn’t strong enough to warrant a more detailed review.

The OP by Kalafina is superb:

[1] Or what’s left of it at any rate…