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Bodacious Space Pirates has a solid ending for a season, and a lousy ending for a series.

At the start of the final story for this season in episode 22 I was worried that the show would turn out to have one short story too many, and one novella too few. This was particularly the case when the revelations of the last couple of episodes significantly expanded the world building, and the possible stage for Marika to stand on in the next season.

Her development as a Captain and tactician is coming along nicely, and she does pull off some nice moves in the finale.  Granted many of those depend on trusting her ship and her crew, but that’s what I’d expect to see anyway.

One problem pointed out by a housemate is that this show is perhaps over edited. There are too many things that just happen and are accepted with little to no justification, or explanation.  I’m wondering if the explanations exist in the light novels [1] but were removed in the adaptation process.  This does leave me occasionally wondering why something happened.

It would be interesting to see how removing one story (e.g. the yacht race) and fleshing out the remaining stories would have affected the plotting/pacing of the series.  I think it would have improved this season, but I’m open to debate.

The finale itself contains some nice work, and some suitably big bangs.  However the ending is really at the same level as the endings to the previous short stories, and the time wasted on a “Where are they now?” epilogue is only forgivable if it turns into a “Where will they be next season?” epilogue. One amusing side note on the epilogue is that any Marika/Chiaki shippers out there in fanfic land are having a field day right now. 🙂

It does look like that there will be a movie coming [2], but this really needs a second season.

Overall though Bodacious Space Pirates is a fun series to watch from start to end, better than it has any right to be, that just happens to be incomplete right now.

[1] Survey (i.e the Wikipedia page) says that there are 8 light novels so far, and that the series is continuing.
[2] Wikipedia again.